• Why participate in GSoC?

    The reason why I apply for GSoC is that I know about open source long ago, I admire the programmer who contribute to open source, and look forward to become one of them.

    The reason why I select LibreOffice is because it is based on c++ which a low level language about which I admire. Also, I wanted to work developing applications in c++.

    The reason why I chose “QR Code Generator” as a project because I find it easy to do and get involved in the open source world easily :)

  • What I have learned till now?

    • Understand the workflow of open source.
    • Programming skill.
    • Debugging skills.
    • Some tools. ( Make, GDB, etc. )
  • Feel about GSoC?

    It’s a great opportunity for me to focus on open source, learn how it work, contribute to it, and learn things about app development. It was a great trip.