Describe my work briefly

  • Integrate a QR Code generating Library.
  • Provide a platform to generate QR Code in LibreOffice apps.

What code got merged.

Final Product

Now, QR Code can be generated for any text in the LibreOffice. It is one of the big step now that QR Code can be made inside LO which was earlier possible only through using external extensions.

The future development of project include using the QR Code feature in areas like mail-merge, and templates.


To generate a QR Code image in any of writer, impress, calc or draw. Goto Insert -> QR Code ..

A Dialog Box appers

URL - the text for which the QR will be made
Correction - Select Complexity of QR code.
Border - For a white border around the QR code

Example QR Code generated from above given inputs


  1. QR Code is generated at cursor position.
  2. QR Code can be generated at selected cell.
  3. The QR Code generated is SVG, better rendering and scalablity.
  4. We can also edit a existing QR code.


  • Complete the OOXML details for our QR code.
  • Extend feature to generate QR code for selected text.